The Quest To Bridging Banking And Cryptocurrency Intensifies As Globitex Launches Euro Wallet

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The Quest To Bridging Banking And Cryptocurrency Intensifies As Globitex Launches Euro Wallet

If you thought that you would never get to see the day when conventional banking merges with crypto products, then here is a pleasant surprise for you. Globitex has recently announced plans of launching a revolutionary and game-changing product dubbed as the EURO wallet. Essentially, this one is a Crypto Banking Solution that is optimized for Instant Transfers and powered by UAB Nexpay which is a European Union licensed and registered financial outfit.

How Does This Work

Essentially, the EURO wallet allows users the convenience of receiving and making EUR payments on a private IBAN account just like the way any regular EU banking institution would allow. The wallet can then be accessed remotely and online through the digital money exchange platform. In other words, this gives the user or beneficiary of the account access to a limitless number of seamless transactions completed via EUR in just a few seconds. What’s more, users have full control of the platform’s Globilex trading account, something that is almost unparalleled nowadays.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Globitex Corporation, one Mr. Uldis Teraudkalns, Globitex’s main objective here is to be a market share leader in security, convenience, and financial compliance. Therefore, it is not surprising that EURO wallet offers a suite of unrivaled and unparalleled functionality that also includes unlimited access to a fully functional conventional IBAN account.

Notable Unique Features Of The New EURO Wallet

The EURO wallet affords a user a host of several rare privileges such as unlimited SEPA transfers, personalized IBAN account, instant EUR withdrawals/deposits while operating on a Globitex trading account, third-party confirmation of payments, responsive and friendly customer support among many others. What’s more, it is important to note that all funds here are kept under the closely-monitored custody of a European-based bank.

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