Zilliqa Releases New Smart Contracts On Its Platform And Opens New Office in London

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Zilliqa Releases New Smart Contracts On Its Platform And Opens New Office in London

Zilliqa Releases New Smart Contracts On Its Platform And Opens New Office in London

  • Zilliqa announced it has released smart contracts on its platform
  • The company has also opened new offices in London to continue its expansion plan

In a recent blog post released by Amrit Kumar, the President and Chief Scientific Officer of Zilliqa, he informed that the project has enabled the first-ever smart contract platform that is entirely built on sharding.

This is a very important milestone not only for Zilliqa but also for the entire crypto market.

Zilliqa Launches Smart Contracts On Its Platform

With this new release, developers will be able to write and deploy smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain. Developers will have the possibility to do so through the “safe-by-design” smart contract language Scilla.

The platform wants to solve scalability issues that other networks experience through the implementation of sharding, which is an efficient method that has yet to prove its viability in larger networks. The team wants to create a network with 1,000 times the number of transactions that Ethereum processes.

Zilliqa has also passed other important milestones over the last months. The project was able to release its mainnet and enabling transactions. Some of the new features of these smart contracts include amenable to formal verification, static analyzers suite, clean separation and safe standard libraries.

It is worth mentioning that the firm is also focusing on its global expansion. They have also announced that they’ve opened a new office in London that will allow them to grow their footprint as the ecosystem expand. Kumar mentioned about this:

“With an increasingly global community of developers, we are continuing to grow our international footprint as our ecosystem expands. Zilliqa will soon be entering the payments landscape to drive efficiencies in cost, transparency, and security for both clients and end users.”

Kumar explained that they will also be participating in different global events such as the Paris Blockchain Week, the New York Blockchain Week, the Malta Blockchain Summit and many others. The team behind Zilliqa is doing everything to keep the community updated about the latest improvements performed on the network.

According to CoinMarketCap, Zilliqa is the 44th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $203 million. In the last 24 hours, the virtual currency grew 5.19% and it has a price per coin of $0.02344.